Diane Litzinger


Throughout their 42 years of marriage, the careers of both Diane and her husband have required several moves around the country, which allows her to appreciate the importance of a home selection.  Diane learned that a real estate agent is the key factor in the entire process. With their three children grown, they made Vero Beach their permanent base in 2012, drawn to the Treasure Coast by those same qualities that have attracted you.

Buying and selling a home are two of the biggest decisions one makes, and Diane considers it her role to facilitate optimum results.  As an agent, her efforts do not end with a timely and smooth closing. In her personal moves, Diane would have greatly appreciated guidance with local resources, i.e., repairs, cleaning, selling, or donating furniture. That is what she brings to her clients.

As a real estate agent, Diane brought the same work ethic that carried her through a career largely focused within school system administration where her skills in upper-level positions assisted CFOs, attorneys, engineers, and principals. Diane’s work required ethics, compliance, organization, and a firm grasp of budgeting and finance. Her dedication and loyalty to every project over the years ensured successful outcomes; traits you will recognize as she applies her experience and knowledge in helping you buy or sell your home.